Greetings and welcome. We are Gina Ratkovic M.A. and Mike Sosteric PhD. We are counselors with over a decade of experience providing guidance and direction so that you can heal trauma and overcome both individual and relationship dysfunction and distress. We have a holistic orientation. Our goal is your psychological health and the well being of you and your relationships, family, and children We don’t waste time. We tell it like it is and call it like we see it. It usually doesn’t take more than a session or two to pinpoint the key issues. The challenge is in actually seeing the issues for yourself and making the changes you need to make; but we help with that to by providing support, encouragement, and strategies for change. We are adept at dealing with the following psychological issues and distresses.

  • Panic Attacks
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Sexual Abuse / Violence in the Home
  • Spiritual Counseling/Spiritual Emergency (Mike)
Gina is a skilled and highly sensitive empath, adept at connecting with your trauma and easing your psychological/emotional pain.  She deals with crises, post-partum depression, post-traumatic stress, emotional imbalances, boundary issues, childhood and adolescent trauma (violence in the home, sexual assault), relationship dysfunction, and so on. If you need strength, support, and a gentle guiding hand, Gina is the one for you.   Text or Phone: 780 292 2827   Email: [email protected]
Mike is highly skilled and efficient therapist with experience dealing with depression, anxiety, spiritual emergency/psychosis, OCD, anger, and so on. He’s saved marriages and help end bad relationships. He’s most effective with people who are at the “end of their rope” and who need clear, direct, and immediate guidance. Mike doesn’t mince words. He will make sure you hear what you need to hear, and see what you need to see, with no trouble at all. Text or Call: 780 218 2827 Email: [email protected]